Department of Turkology


 In 2010, according to the order of the Rector of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU No. 924 of August 25, 2010, the Department of Turkology was established at the Faculty of International Relations of the Gumilyov ENU.






Human resources potential. The Department of Turkology carries out educational, scientific, social and social activities under the leadership of a prominent state and public figure, a major scholar of literature, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Doctor of Philology, Professor M. Zholdasbekov.

To ensure the quality of training, the Department of Turkology has strong human resources potential. The staff of the department currently consists of 15 people, including 6 professors (Doctor of philology science  M. Zholdasbekov, Doctor of philology science N. G. Shaimerdinova, Sh. Ibraev, A. Kairzhanov, M. Eskeeva, A. Sharip), 3 candidates of Science (U.Musabekova, A. Zhalmyrza, G. Begimova), 6 PhD doctors (M.Kosybev, T. Moldabay, G. Zhiembayeva, Zh. Sayyn, A. Shaldarbekova, S. Torebekova). The department is currently 100% settled. Teaching staff of the Department of Turkology undergo annual retraining at scientific and methodological seminars of the department, faculty and university, as well as at scientific forums, internships in the near and far abroad. The professional, scientific and educational activities of the teaching staff of the Department of Turkology have been repeatedly awarded with awards and distinctions, among which there are many awards of a departmental and governmental nature. M. Zholdasbekov in 2020 became the winners of the State Prize in the framework of the celebration of the anniversary of Abai.

Educational activities. The Department of Turkology is one of the few departments in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in the space of the Turkic World, which conducts targeted training of Turkic specialists in the three-level bachelor's – master's – doctoral PhD system. The educational and scientific activities of the department are aimed at students ' knowledge of history and archeology, ethnography and art, the mentality and mentality of the Turkic peoples, knowledge of their language and literature, knowledge of written monuments; mastering the skills of textual, philological, historical and cultural analysis and the ability to analyze them and use it in practical life. In this context, the educational activities of students are carried out according to four educational programs (EP), of which 2 EP bachelor's degrees 6B02212 – Turkology, 6B02312-Foreign Philology: Turkish language; Master's degree EP 7M02212-Turkology and Doctorate EP 8D02212-Turkology. Moreover, educational programs have a student-oriented character, since students independently choose elective course modules, take active participation in the development of the program, independently choose the places of scientific internships.

In the context of the pandemic, the teaching staff of the Department of Turkology, as well as the teaching staff of the entire university, manage to switch to distance learning technologies, actively using Internet resources, online presentations, video lectures in order to prevent a decrease in the quality of training in the implementation of educational programs.

The educational programs of the Department of Turkology are also aimed at employers such as the Turkic Academy, the National Museum, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the Turkish Cultural Center named after him. Yunus Emre, Turkish business structures (translation center "SHA", etc.) with which contracts are concluded and which take an active part in the development of the EP.

For the full-fledged training of young specialists, Turkologists, the Department of Turkology has a dissertation council in the specialty Turkology, where almost all the graduates of the PhD (M. Sc.) successfully defended their dissertations.Kosybaev, N. Bogenbay, L. Nakhanova, A. Kupaeva, T. Moldabay, B. Eskeldieva, G. Zhiembay, Zh. Sayyn, S. Torebekova, N. Balabekova, A. Kusainova, Zh. Aidarbekova, B. Zhiembay, R. Alimbay, P. Usipaeva, Zh. Alashbayeva), and one of the first graduates of the department Doctor of Turkology, PhD, Associate Professor M. Kosybayev is currently the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations.

Scientific activity. The department operates the scientific school of M. Zholdasbekov “Steppe civilization;. Within the framework of this school, in the context of integrative Turkology, dozens of monographs, books, articles have been published in rating indexed journals in the Scopus databases and Web of Sciense. The journal has been published on the basis of the Department of Turkology since 2019 "Turkish Studies Journal", the only journal on the humanities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, focused on international indexed logs. The editor - in-chief of the publication is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. B. Sydykov. The journal is registered in Ministry of Information and Public Development, at the International Center for Serial Publications  in Paris, has a DOI index, website, email. The presentation of the issues of the magazine is carried out in L. Gumilyev ENU, in the international scientific space and in the media; The citation index of articles and other important indicators necessary for the journal to enter the Scopus and Web of Science databases are being increased.


In addition, over the past ten years, the time at the department has developed 10 projects of grant-based basic research in the Western region to the Turkic Khaganate (M. Zholdasbekov), to the study of the Turkic written monuments (including Armenian-Kipchak monuments), the study of the spiritual culture, language and literature of the Turkic peoples (Sh.Ibraev, N. Shaimerdinova, A. Sharip, M. Eskeeva). From 2013 to 2017.

The faculty of the Department of Turkology developed a joint project with the University of Berlin Free University International Project: "Interaction of Turkic languages and cultures in post-Soviet Kazakhstan», funded by the Volksvagen Corporation (co-heads of the project from the Kazakh side, Doctor of Science, Professor N. G. Shaimerdinova, Doctor of Science, Professor S. Zh. Tazhibaeva).

Students, undergraduates and PhD students were actively involved in the development of scientific projects of the department.

International relations and cooperation. An important part of the activity of the department is the expansion and strengthening of international cooperation with Turkic departments, centers, universities of near and far abroad, such as the University of Szeged in Hungary; Goethe University Frankfurt, Free University of Berlin University (Germany), Aegean University, Gazi University, Istanbul University (Turkey), Yerevan State University (Armenia), Kyrgyz State University. Manasa (Kyrgyzstan), Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (Azerbaijan), Indiana University (USA); RUDN (Moscow), Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Kazan Federal University (Kazan), Institute of History, Language and Literature (Khakassia, Abakan), with Turkological organizations such as "Oral-Altai Society", " Constant Altaist Conference" (PIAC), "TIKA", with the Turkish cultural center in Nur-Sultan.

During the years of functioning of the Department of Turkology, dozens of students, undergraduates, doctoral students visited these universities and institutes under the program of academic mobility, scientific internships, and the faculty of the department in the framework of field lectures, advanced training and internships, participation in scientific forums.

International cooperation is also carried out in the co-direction of foreign scientists-Turkologists of dissertation research of doctoral students; participation in scientific projects of the department, in the editorial board the journal "Turkish Studies Journal", in the QS ratings, which increase the image of the department and the ENU named after L. Gumilyov in the international educational space. In addition, foreign scientists are members of the dissertation council of the department, have joint scientific publications with the teaching staff of the Department of Turkology.


Department of Turkology

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Operation plan of the department for first half  of 2022



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