About us

The Faculty of International Relations was created by the order of the rector of the ENU. L.N. Gumilev № 58 from July 10, 2000. It consists of four departments - international relations, political science, regional studies, foreign languages.

According to the order of the rector of ENU. L.N. Gumilev № 924 from July 13, 2010, at the Faculty of International Relations, the departments of oriental studies and Turkology were formed.

At present, the faculty of international relations includes the following departments:

- Department of International Relations

- Department of Regional Studies

- Department of Oriental Studies

- Department of Turkic Studies

- Department of Foreign Languages

Department of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan

The main goal of the faculty is the training of highly qualified and competitive professionals in the field of international relations, regional studies, oriental studies, and turcology, who possess professional analytical, administrative and managerial and expert-consulting skills that enable them to work in organizations, public and private institutions dealing with international relations, foreign policy, interstate relations.

The main directions of the educational work of the FIR:

The faculty trains specialists in the following specialties:


- 5В020200 - International relations

- 5В050500 - Regional studies

- 5В020900 - Oriental Studies

- 5В021200 - Türkology

- 5В021000- Foreign philology: Turkish (with knowledge of English)


- 6M020200 - International relations

- 6М050500 - Regional studies

- 6M020900 - Oriental Studies

- 6M020500 - Philology: Turkish

- 6M021200 - Turcology

PhD Doctoral degree:

- 6D020200 - International relations

- 6D050500 - Regional studies

- 6D021200 - Turcology


The faculty, in the process of its activity, maintains close relations with the embassies of foreign countries in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the representations of international organizations in Kazakhstan, foreign companies, cultural centers of foreign countries.