Development Strategy

In the twenty-first century, education is one of the most important resources of development for any society and state. At the present time the principal tendencies in the development of countries and of the world-wide education system are globalisation, regionalisation, and internationalisation. For instance, the phenomenon of globalisation, which affects the economy, policy, culture, and mass media, significantly influences the education system. It was taken into account in the Development Strategy of our University, which positions itself as a research university striving for close cooperation in the sphere of research and professional training. Moreover, globalisation does not exclude the regional specifics of the development of countries and education systems. This is illustrated, for example, in higher education integration within the framework of the Bologna process. Additionally, higher education internationalisation is implemented through the harmonisation of the content of professional training at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as through the academic mobility of students, faculty members and research fellows.

2020 development strategy of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Development strategy of the faculty of international relations until 2020