Training and employment

In accordance with the State Compulsory Education Standard on the specialty of higher education 5B020200 – “International Relations” students during the studying period must undergo three types of professional practice - educational, industrial and pre-diploma, master and PhD students two types of professional practice - pedadogic and research.

Practice is an integral part of the learning process, poses and solves its specific goals and objectives, which is reflected in the program of professional practice. The duration and terms of the passage of all types of professional practice for the 2019-2020 academic year are determined by the academic calendar and curriculum (see Table 1). 

Table 1. Schedule of professional practice on the specialty 5B020200 – “International Relations”.

Code Speciality Course  Type of practice Terms  Credits Weeks
5В020200 International Relations 2 Industrial 25.05.20-13.06.20 3 3
5В020200 International Relations -Digital Diplomacy 2 Industrial 25.05.20-13.06.20 3 3
6М020200 International Relations (SP) 2 Pedagogic 02.09.19-14.12.19 3 15
6М020200 International Relations (SP) 2 Research  20.01.20-28.03.20 10 10
6М020200 International Relations (SP) /RUDN/ 2 Pedagogic 02.09.19-14.12.19 3 15
6М020200 International Relations (SP) /RUDN/ 2 Research  20.01.20-28.03.20 10 10
6D020200 International Relations 2 Pedagogic 02.09.19-21.09.19 3 3
6D020200 International Relations 2 Research  06.01.20-15.02.20 6 6
5В020200 International Relations 3 Industrial 25.05.20-13.06.20 3 3
5В020200 International Relations 4 Industrial 06.01.20-07.03.20 9 9
5В020200 International Relations 4 Pre-diploma 09.03.20-09.05.20 9 9


The main organizations of the professional practice are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Senate and Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NC “KazMunayGas”, the Ministry of Investment and Development of the RK, the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, Institute for Economic Research, Youth Council of Astana, Center for Analysis and Forecasting “Open World”, Office for Servicing Diplomatic Corps in Astana.

Subdivisions of the Eurasian National University also serve as bases for professional practice - Department of International Cooperation, Center for European Information, Department of International Relations, UNESCO Department.

Students are also given the right to search for bases of professional practice independently. Often such initiatives of students flow from the objectives: in which company or organization they would like to work in the future, what functions they would like to perform. Of great importance for students is the opportunity of applying knowledge of foreign languages ​​in practice. An important moment in the independent choice of a place of practice by students is the compliance of the profile of the organization to the specialty “International Relations”. The main bases of professional practice of students can be:

- international cooperation departments of ministries and bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- representations of international organizations;

- international departments of national, state, private commercial enterprises, transnational companies;

- representations of foreign non-governmental organizations;

- research institutes and centers;

- foreign and domestic cultural and information centers, libraries and archives;

- diplomatic and trade missions of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, etc.


Information on employment of graduates of the Department of International Relations for 2015-2017.

Percentage of employment of graduates of educational programs (EP) 5В020200, 6М020200 - International relations, 5В050200 (as at October).

Educational program (EP)

Year of graduation

Number of graduates

Number of employed graduates

Percentage of employment


International relations




75 %








83 %




75 %


International relations




22 %








94 %




84 %


Analysis of indicators of employment of graduates testifies their relevance in the labor market. The reduction of some indicators of employment is related to the free distribution of graduates who are on maternity leave for child care, service in the army.

As the main employers of graduates in accordance with EP 5В020200, 6М020200 - International relations are the bodies of the civil service, diplomatic missions and private structures. 

In addition, the graduates of the EP continue their studies in master and PhD programs respectively.


CV of graduates of the department of international relations

Work plan for the Employment of Graduates of International Relations Department for 2017-2018 a/y

Database "Employer" of the Department of International Relations of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU