Accreditation and rankings of degree program

In 2012 among all the departments of the University the Department of International Relations successfully passed international accreditation conducted by the German accreditation company ACQUIN.

Undergraduate program  5В021014 - "Foreign Philology: Turkish language", master's 6М021200 - "Turkology", 6M020500 - "Philology: Turkish languages" passed accreditation in IQAA (spring 2013), but also passed reaccreditation these specialties (in the first semester of the 2016-2017 academic year); undergraduate 5В021200 - "Turkology", doctoral 6D021200 - "Turkology" accredited by IAAR (28.12.2015)

In the spring of 2013 on OP of 5b050500, 6М050500, 6D050500 "area Studies", OP specialty 5V020900, 6М020900 "Oriental studies" were accredited by  IQAA. Postaccreditation passed in December 2016.

Certificate ACQUIN. 5B020200-International relations. 2012 year

Certificate ACQUIN. 6М020200-International relations. 2012 year