In accordance with the annual plan of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Faculty of International Relations of the L. N. Gumilyov University, career guidance work has begun in the specialty 6B02209-Oriental Studies.

       From December 5 to December 13, within the framework of complex events held in accordance with the schedule of weekly lectures on the topic: "Alash" in secondary schools of Astana, the teaching staff of the department, in particular Abzhapparova B.Zh., Ilyasova K. M., Dyusenkozha E., Zhakaeva S. Established a relationship with the deputy directors for educational work of a number of secondary schools schools of the city and their teachers responsible for career guidance work. Explanatory work was carried out among students of grades 10-11 on the specifics of the profession.

      During the meeting, the applicants learned the history and culture, political system and economy of the Eastern countries through the choice of Oriental languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Persian), were able to engage in translation activities, become diplomats, international experts, teachers.