Students of the Department of Turkic Studies passed professional practice

      Students of 1-3 courses of the Department of Turkology successfully completed training and practical training at the International Turkic Academy, the National Museum of Kazakhstan, the Turkish cultural center Yunus Emre, the Translation agency "SHA" and other organizations. During the internship, students showed professional knowledge in the historical, philological, cultural aspects of Turkology; integrity; interest in work and ability to work in a team.



3rd year students Boldrikova Aigerim, Baimuhanova Altynay, Orynbayeva Aruzhan, Sabitova Aigerim, Stebaeva Nurai, Tlegenova Anar took an active part in organization and holding of the III International forum of social Sciences "Uly Dala" for which he was awarded the commendation of the International Turkic Academy.



Boldrikova Aigerim coordinates the work at the plenary session of the III International forum of social Sciences "Uly Dala".




Work with prints of ancient monuments of writing in the International Turkic Academy.



   The student of 1 course of specialty of Turkology Hydyrali Zharkynai involved in the rehabilitation work of the monument Botai ceramic culture research Institute "National heritage" of National Museum of Kazakhstan. With reverent attitude to the ancient monuments, Zharkynai received an invitation from the Institute to take part in an archaeological expedition in Barnaul, which will be held in this July.