At the Department of Regional Studies, doctoral student Gulnara Birimkulova held a scientific seminar

The geopolitical location of Kazakhstan between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the countries of the European Union (EU) forces us to conduct a very cautious and active foreign policy in the future. China has announced the implementation of one of the most ambitious transport projects in the history of world civilization in recent decades — the "One Belt, One Road" or "New Silk Road"program. It should link China with Europe and further strengthen the economic cooperation of the Eurasian continent. After the independence of the Central Asian countries, the state began to pursue its national interests. The Central Asian region, including Kazakhstan, has become an economically and politically significant region for the world powers. For Russia, China, the United States, Turkey, Iran, Japan, India and the EU countries, Kazakhstan has become an important region in the international arena.