Department of Oriental Studies



In 1999, under the leadership of Professor S. Kaskabasov. The Faculty of Oriental Studies was opened at the Eurasian University. L.N. Gumilev.


In 2000, the Faculty of Oriental Studies was renamed the Department of Oriental Studies at the Institute of International Relations of the Eurasian State University. L.N. Gumilev. The department employed specialists teaching students of Oriental languages, such as: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi. The Department of Oriental Studies maintains contacts with leading universities of the world (University of Jordan, Kuwait University, University of Tsukuba, University of Minzu (China). Teachers and students regularly participate in international scientific and practical conferences and seminars. Students of our department are sent to study and language practice in the country Arab East, to China, Korea and Japan.


Currently, the head of the Department of Oriental Studies is Doctor PhD Birimkulova G.U., also at the department are taught by the doctor of history, professor Abzhapparov B.Zh., doctor of history, professor Kaiyrken T.Z., doctor of philology, professor Tuleubaeva S.A. , Ph.D., Professor Ilyasova KM, Ph.D., Professor Ilyasova Z.S., Azmukhanova AM, Ph.D., Doctor PhD Isaev A.U., senior teachers Makangali B.K., Tleubaeva A.A., Masters Dyisenzhozha E., Yerkin A.S., Batyrkhanova G.T., Sudyeva N., Most of the teachers of the department studied abroad or underwent language training. And also, at the department are invited foreign professors Dr. PhD Ashraf Attiyah, Dr. PhD An San Hun, Kitayoka Daikho.



 The Department of Oriental Studies provides training for Oriental studies under the undergraduate and graduate programs. Graduates of the department have the opportunity to work in government bodies at the state and local levels, in government bodies and institutions, international organizations and communities, research institutes, universities, media, etc. Many students and graduates undergo internships abroad and under the presidential program "Bolashak" are sent to receive and continue their education in foreign educational institutions.