Material and technical resources

The Eurasian National University possesses more than 26000 books in the field of regional studies for 2018 - 2019 academic year. Availability of books is 170 units per bachelor’s student (number of copies - 25500, number of students - 150), 140 units per master’s student (number of copies - 4060, number of students - 30) and 140 units per Ph.D. student (number of copies - 1540, number of students - 11). The availability of educational literature on electronic media and subscription databases in regional studies is1032 of electronic books, 30 (CD/DVD) of electronic publications.

The Eurasian National University provides students with 7 student houses. All the studentdormitories are equipped with all the necessary conditionsfor fulfilling students’ potentials in both educationandextra-curricular activities.Free cinema in SD No. 5, concerts and conferences held in the student camps, meeting with interesting guests, along with furnished rooms, showers, free Wi-Fi, gym help to create a warm atmosphere and home comfort for students. 


  The library of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University provides resources for “Regional studies” educational programs that are over 1.5 million of domestic and foreign publications in numerous branches of science and technology, economics and related disciplines. Every year the library adds more than 50 thousand copies ofpaper and electronic academic publications. The library has annual subscribes on more than 400 Kazakh and foreign newspapers and magazines. In addition, it collects all monographs, textbooks, dissertations and dissertation abstractswritten by the faculty of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.Librarians notice the high-level demand ofdomestic and foreign magazines among readers, particularly such publishers as “Foliant”, “NurPrint”, “Economy”, “Evero”, “Bastau”, etc.




For students and teachers who want to improve their English skills, the library calls to visit American Corner Astana that possesses is a wide English-language library. In addition, all books are available to readers via the electronic library “ENULIB” that contains digital copies of textbooks, teaching guides, monographs to assist educational process. Such a fund available tostudents and professorscontributes to the preparation of skilled workers (

As for Regional studies department, it has 311,336,309 equipped classes for conducting research work and lectures for big and small multilingual groups.The department has a wide range of modern equipment for all types of studies - a computer class, integrated into a local network, with an access to the Internet network, which allows conducting video seminars and trainings with foreign universities. During educational process,lecturers use a variety of software, including the latest information and instrumental systems, language tools and applications.