"Rukhany zhangury” lectures – in the schools of Astana

23 February student of the Department of international relations Zhanzakova Kamila held an information lecture about the article N..Nazarbayev "Rouhani gear" schools №59 of Astana city. Our graduate student told the students of the 10th " Փ " class about the meaning and importance of this issue. And also the fact that the Republic of Kazakhstan held its third revival today. She pointed to the goals and projects of our state. In the lecture we have considered 6 main areas Rouhani Gear: competitiveness, pragmatism, the preservation of the uniform of a nation, triumph of knowledge, not revolutionary, and ecolution development of Kazakhstan, the opening of the consciousness. At the end of the lecture, students asked questions about the transition of Kazakhstan to the Latin alphabet and the evolutionary development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.