Life in the faculty

In 2016 in order to improve corporation between students and the university administration, was created - the council of headmen and then the first congress was held with Sydykov Erlan Battashevich, rector of the Eurasian National University after L.N. Gumilyev. We entered into the history of the university as the very first organization which connected all of the chief members for the sake of improvement of students’ everyday life. The main purpose of the council of heads of the Faculty of IR is improving the quality ratings of students’ academic progress. The primary goal is setting a bridge way between the university administration and students. In other words, inform the university administration about students’ wills or issues. Also, there are 3 major directions of activities, which are: academic, disciplinary and educational.

-academic, together with the tutors of each group, contributing to the development of academic performance and the quality of obtaining the given education.

-disciplinary, together with the tutors of each group, contributing to the attendance of class and accomplishing the precise rules of internal order by the ENU after L.N.Gumilyev.

-educational, together with the department of social and civil development, expanding the self-management skills of students in the university.


Headmen are the main fortune and embellishment of the university! They are compassionate, responsible and reliable.