Currently at the faculty there are six departments: international relations, area studies, Oriental studies, Turkic studies, Department of foreign languages and the UNESCO chair on ethnic and religious tolerance.

Research activity of the faculty is implemented in the following centers:

- Center of European information (2008);

- Center for the study of Persian language and culture (2012);

- Pakistani cultural centre (2011 );

The center of the Spanish language. RUY Gonzalez de Clavijo.

The faculty of international relations initiated the establishment of EAMI – "Eurasian Association of international studies", chaired by doctor of political Sciences, Professor S. B. Choirboy as a voluntary formation of citizens for the expression of common interests and achievement of the statutory objectives. The activities of the public non-profit Association focused on the broad study of international relations and world politics, as well as promoting the ideas of "Eurasianism".

In addition, the Dean of the faculty of international relations A. N. The city is a member of the founding Board of the International conference Eurasia – Latin America (Eurasia-Latin America International Conference (ELAIC)), organized by the Latin America project at Bahcesehir University and the Eurasia Department of the Institute of international relations at the National University of La Plata, Istanbul, Turkey.

Also A. N. The city is also a Member of the Council for Africa and the Asia-Pacific region of the International Association with their studies of the World 2014 (10000 members), a Member of the Section of the post-Communist systems, "Association of international studies", 2015 (17000 members), Advisor to the Secretary General of the International Secretariat of G-Global with 2016, Vice-President for international relations of the "Eurasian economic cooperation organization" as well as a teacher of this organization in Kazakhstan from 2017. "The Eurasian economic cooperation organization" gives the opportunity to study on specialities "International relations", "Regional studies" in the framework of master and doctoral programs. In the future, obtained approval for the establishment of the scholarship "the Best teacher" Eurasian economic cooperation organization.


At the Department of Turkology operates scientific school: "Дала өркениеті" under the leadership of a statesman, Professor M. Zholdasbekov.