Bachelor's Programs

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of International Relations of the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilev.

ENU them. L.N. Gumilyov is the best metropolitan university in which the faculty of international relations functions. The faculty is proud that today it is in fact the "National School" for the preparation of "piece" specialists in the field of international relations: international experts, regional experts, orientalists and turkologists. Our graduates are the future of our country, the elite of the state is intellectual, political and business, with a broad outlook and professional competences, abilities for state thinking and always ready to defend the national interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our faculty for the years of its existence has managed to become a place of attraction for talented and creative youth not only in Kazakhstan, but also in a number of countries of near and far abroad. Students of our faculty have access to all modern educational and research laboratories, auditoriums equipped with multimedia equipment and technology. Existing connections with foreign partners allow conducting training on double degree programs, academic mobility.

The faculty trains specialists in the following degree programs:

- 6В03202 - International relations

- 6В03105 - Regional studies

- 6В02209 - Oriental Studies

- 6В02212 - Türkology

- 6В02310(3)- Foreign philology: Turkish (with knowledge of English)