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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 10:33


On April 27, 2017 in Korean Club of ENU, which functions at the department of oriental studies, Korean cuisine restaurant "Kakaodak" held a master class on preparation of traditional Korean dishes "pipimpab" and "kimpab". Students were given a unique opportunity to get cooking lessons from the chef of the restaurant "Kakaodak", as well as to try to cook meals yourself.https://weedgrowhub.com



Pibimbap - one of the most famous and favorite dishes of Korean cuisine. It is a mixture of rice and sliced ​​fresh vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. The name of the dish comes from the words "bibim", which means "mixture of many", and "pub" - "rice".

Kimpab is Korean rolls, which are characterized by a characteristic spicy taste. They got their name because of their contents: "kim" means "cabbage", and "pub" means "rice". To cook Korean rolls of "kimpab" is much easier than classic Japanese. During the preparation of Korean dishes, the students of the 1st-4th year of the Faculty of International Relations asked questions about the ingredients that Kakaodak provided free of charge for this master class. First, the club members, under the supervision of the chef, cooked Korean dishes in turn, then all guests could eat them at a joint meal, as well as treats from the restaurant "Kakaodak".
The master class was held in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. The students had indelible impressions of the process of cooking traditional Korean dishes, which further brought them closer to understanding Korean culture.


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